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Name Ellis
Location Home
Comments Looks good

Name sandra and burt epstein
Location atlanta
Comments very impressive...your prices seem mighty low ruth for your paintings. they have so much class. i love your watercolor and mixed media. the oils are unbelilevable. shows your diversity.

Name BETTY Daniel
Comments Loved, all of your painting.
You are very good, Herb said you were as, always he was right. Hope to meet you
sometime soon.

Name marilyn snare
Location chatsworth
Comments Marj, your paintings are so very marvelous, I checked out all the galleries. I am so proud to know you. love you, marilyn

Name Bradly Lamb Romona Mckee
Location David Mason
Comments 36lt1r5cwix9ryyg
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Name Bette Simons
Location Sherman Oaks
Comments You instpired me to get my own art website. Your whole life is a work of art!
I loved reading the autobiography. Go to ''Snail Silk'' and you may or may not find my story.

Name Hilda Knight Miguel Lowery
Location Raymundo Pittman
Comments [url=]mal0a9kv2jigdvjb[/url]
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Name Jame Day Cameron Riddle
Location Tommie Riley
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Name Lisa Lawson Grady Fuentes
Location Trisha Mathis
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Name Krystal May Frances Noble
Location Galen Sheppard
Comments [url=]mal0a9kv2jigdvjb[/url]
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